Section C.1

Examples of identification of corporate human rights impact assessment

Company Sector Prominent human rights issues Sources
ABN AMRO Finance Privacy rights


Work rights

Land rights

ABN AMRO Human Rights Report 2016
Ericsson Information, Communication and Technology Privacy rights

Freedom of expression

Decent work rights

Ericsson Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2017
H&M Clothing Retail Fair living wages

Health and safety

Forced labor

Discrimination and harassment

Child labor

Freedom of association and collective bargaining

Social security

Land rights

Working hours

Access to water

Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility Report 2017
Total Energy Forced labor

Child labor


Fair and profitable working and security conditions

Access to land

The right to adequate health and living standards

Risk of abuse of power and weapons

Human Rights Briefing Paper, July 2016
Unilever Food and Drink Discrimination

Fair wages

Forced labor

Freedom of association

Health and safety disorders

Land rights

Working hours

‘Enhancing Livelihoods, Advancing Human Rights’. Human Rights Report 2017

Section C.2

ABN AMRO human rights impact assessment

Section C.3

H&M human rights impact assessment

Section C.4

Total human rights impact assessment

Section C.5

Unilever human rights impact assessment