Spa therapist scholarships to empower women

The Martha Tilaar Group (MTG) as cosmetics and beauty company provides spa therapist scholarships to develop workers’ capacity and empower women. IGCN interviews MTG representatives regarding the program.



1. What is the background of MTG spa therapist scholarship?

Martha Tilaar Group really cares about women empowerment as realization of one of the company’s pillar, Empowering Women. MTG created program through giving spa therapist scholarship to women in Indonesia. Dr. (H.C) Martha Tilaar, the MTG founder tries to address problems of women in villages in Indonesia who tends to work as migrant workers that often led to becoming victims of trafficking to fulfill their economic needs.


2. What is the purpose of a spa therapist scholarship program?

The aim of this spa therapist scholarship program is to provide opportunities for Indonesian women especially those from the region to be more independent and skilled. After graduation, scholarship recipients are expected not only to become workers, but also to become independent entrepreneurs. So that they can be more confident and can put themselves equal to men, both in professional and personal relationships.

In addition, in terms of culture, this program is expected to help maintain the traditional archipelago spa techniques. Martha Tilaar Spa has conducted research and developed several traditional Indonesian spa techniques which include Bakera (Minahasa), Batimung (South Kalimantan), Boreh (Bali), Kendedes, and so on.


3. How can spa therapist scholarships empower women?

Through this program, scholarship recipients will be given various modules training that consists of soft skills and hard skills. Soft skills include hospitality training, leadership, as well as financial literacy. Hard skills training includes techniques for doing spa therapy, medicure, pedicure, haircut, makeup, etc.

The DJITU values (Discipline, Honest, Faith / Innovative, Diligent, Resilient) were also instilled in scholarship recipients. DJITU itself is the key to the success of Mrs. Martha Tilaar in carrying out every activity of the company. It is expected that the scholarship recipients can continue the footsteps of Mrs. Martha Tilaar in bringing the nation’s name to life.

Through enriching science and skills, especially in the field of spa therapy, these women will be able to be independent in helping the family’s economy and make an example for other women to be able to fight to improve their family’s standard of living. With the increasing empowerment and economic participation of women in various job positions in the country, the unseen potential of women will be elevated and can play an active role in building their own country.



4. How is the spa therapist scholarship implemented?

The spa therapist scholarship program can be attended by all women graduating from vocational, high school or equivalent. Those who are interested can register directly with the recruitment team from our place. The recruitment team will also usually visit schools to socialize this program. Participants must be willing to attend education for 3-6 months at Martha Tilaar Training Center with the ability to take part in full and disciplined training and are willing to be placed anywhere at all MT Salon and Spa outlets.

In addition to getting learning materials, the participants will also get other facilities, namely education and training uniforms, monthly allowances during training, 3 times a day meal allowance and a residence mess. During the program, the participants were not charged any fees. Not only that, after graduation the participants will be placed at Martha Tilaar Salon domestically and abroad.


5. What are the advantages for MTG in implementing spa therapist scholarships?

Fulfillment of a high quality spa therapist is an important factor for the sustainability of our business. The advantage for the company is the availability of professional spa therapists with high quality standards and good discipline. These therapists will be placed in all Martha Tilaar Salon and Spa outlets throughout Indonesia and abroad.

Moreover,  a quality and professional spa therapist will be able build image of spa as a center of natural and original Indonesian health and beauty therapy. So that it will erase the bad image of a spa that could be associated with prostitution.


6. What are the challenges that you have faced?

We sometimes face conflict with migrant workers agency who think that we are stealing their human resources. With increasing of women skills, they realize that the do not need to work overseas to earn money. They can work domestically with their new skills.

Challenges also come from trainees themselves. We we often find participants who want to go home before the training ends or even just a few days staying in the training center.



7. What success has been achieved from the spa therapist scholarship?

Martha Tilaar Group has trained more than 6,000 therapists who have worked in all of our Salon and Spa outlets. These women have supported the economy of their families in the village. Some women also have become successful business women with their own spas.

Thanks to this program also Dr. (H.C) Martha Tilaar was proposed in 2000 by a French NGO to become one of the declarators of the UNGC (United Nation Global Compact) initiated by the former UN Secretary General, Koffi Annan. DR. Martha Tilaar was the only company from Indonesia who has become a declaratory because MTG was seen as a national private company that have succeeded in implementing the principles of the Global Compact.

In addition to having been awarded at the world level through UNGC namely Lifetime Commitment in 2010 and being elected as a member of the Board of UNGC chaired directly by the UN Secretary General, until 2018 in September the DR. Martha Tilaar was awarded for the “Advancing sustainability through community engagement” category. DR. Martha Tilaar become the first Indonesian women selected by the Global Compact UN.


8. How can the program be better in the future?

Going forward, there is a need for more extensive and clearer socialization for Indonesian young people and the wider community in general in all regions in Indonesia, so that Indonesian women have broader insights to have be more independent and successful. With the support of family and parents, these women will be able to take part in full training and can also become professional spa therapists anywhere in Indonesia to support their families.


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